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Charting New York City's Changing Population Through 2030

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Thanks to City Lab, here's a cool data thing. Urban Institute unveiled a sweet interactive tool that charts demographic changes for cities and states across America from 2000 and 2010 (real, documented figures) through 2020 and 2030 (projected ones, based on historical trends). The maps yield "useful information for nonprofits, schools, and city planners"—but they're pretty interesting to the average Joe-sephine, too. For example, the New York City metropolitan area's population is bound to grow by about 10 percent in those decades.

The non-white population is poised to climb, as the number of residents who are 65 and older.

Knowing what kind of people are going to live in the city must be immeasurably helpful for those who design and build where they will live, right? Right.
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