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Two New Rentals Will Wage a War of Outrageous Amenities

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In 2015, Manhattan is poised to get 4,900 new rental apartments spread over 34 buildings. 1,786 of those apartments will be in just two buildings: 70 Pine Street and 605 West 42nd Street. The hotly-anticipated rentals are about as opposite as they get; formerly the American International Building, 70 Pine is a 1932-built Art Deco skyscraper that rises 66 stories and is in the midsts of a conversion into an extended stay hotel topped by 612 apartments. 605 West 42nd Street is a crisp and glassy new build project—the largest rental building under construction in Manhattan—that will bring 1,174 apartments to Midtown's far west side.

Both rentals have been in the works and attracting admirers for a long time, and both buildings will avail themselves this year. How will these buildings, not to mention the remaining 32, set themselves apart from the rest? Why, amenities, of course! Both 70 Pine and 605 West 42nd Street will bring the best of what's to offer.

↑ The Rose Associates and DTH Capital-developed 70 Pine will have a slew of amenities, all sheathed in the attractive Art Deco building. Despite the building's age, the Times reports the rentals' amenities will be kind of whimsical, including a barbershop, a screening room in a former bank vault, and a two-story gym with a two-lane bowling alley. The whole building will be topped with a restaurant and lounge open to residents as well as the public (but residents get priority seating, of course.) The building will also have a ground floor coffee house. Prices in the building are expected to be similar to nearby New York by Gehry, where right now a one-bedroom is renting for $3,700/month.

↑ The Moinian Group-developed 605 West 42nd Street will rise a sleek and glassy 60-stories and have sweeping views of the Hudson River. Like 70 Pine, the Times reports that the building will have a "grand lobby," multiple lounges, a restaurant with an outdoor dining area, and a 70,000-square-foot gym with both indoor and outdoor pools. Although prices have yet to be released, Moinian Group told the Times that apartments will be priced at "premium levels" for the neighborhood.

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