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First Look Inside Williamsburg's New View-Touting Rentals

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Last month, the glassy tower at 1 North 4th Place on the Williamsburg waterfront (formerly known as the third Northside Piers tower) finally debuted. The developer told the Times the same thing so many other rental developers say: "This is a rental project with condo-level amenities," including great views. "We're like a ship, not a building. The site is almost a peninsula jutting out into the East River, and we literally have views from our homes that are 360 degrees." And it's those views that the team thinks will sell the 510 apartments. One prospective tenant recently visited the building, and when he remarked to the broker that the units were pretty small, the broker actually said, "Yeah, we are selling the view."

The renter saw several units on the sixth floor. Here's how he described the place:

It was really bad. Tiny apartments, tiny windows w bad views and tiny bedrooms. Low ceilings. The pool, which I thought looked cool in renderings, is...tiny. He also said that right now, only the lower floors are being rented, and rents generally go up by about $50 per floor. The building's website shows eight active listings, with the least expensive being a south-facing (so likely no good views) studio on the fourth floor that's going for $2,450. The priciest unit is a third floor, $7000/month three-bedroom on the building's northeast corner, which means no waterfront views. An east-facing (again, no good views) one-bedroom on the sixth floor is listed for $3,250, while a west-facing one-bedroom (views!) on the fourth floor is asking $3,800.

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