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Neighborhood Beefs

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The elevators in a four-building apartment complex on the Upper East Side—named Normandie Court, but nicknamed Dormandie Court after the number of recent college graduates who live there—are breaking down so often that residents say they're a safety hazard. Residents are forced to either walk up many flights of stairs or wait 45 minutes. Since October, the Department of Buildings has issued 11 elevator violations to Ogden CAP Properties, the firm that manages the complex, but they haven't been fixed. Instead, management is offering tenants three months free gym membership and the option to break their leases with 30 days notice if they "can't put up with the inconvenience." None of the complex's elevators have been updated in 30 years, but several are expected to be replaced by the end of the month, with the rest undergoing modernization efforts throughout the year. [DNAinfo]