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Comment Of The Day

"I find two of those three buildings rather charming. Still, it's nice to fantasize that someone with buckets of money might be able to build something extraordinary—a new landmark. But the odds of that, of course, are extremely low. In fact, the odds are far, far greater that he (or anyone) would build something insipid or tawdry or otherwise tasteless—a McMansion, or a house covered with a pastiche of architectural features from different styles and eras, or some experimental modern atrocity designed solely to encase all of the self-indulgent features and amenities of the moment. And then there's the additional problem of his plan (that's probably of no interest to the LPC) to eliminate numerous households from a city that's desperate for additional housing. There just seems to so much more to be lost, here, than is ever likely to be gained."—REspectator [Landmarks May Thwart Russian Billionaire's Megamansion Plan]