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50 West Street Construction Hits the 25 Percent Mark

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We already know what the 50 West Street construction is going to look like in animated rendering form, and from hearing architect Helmut Jahn describe it ("I think people will see when the building goes up the facade is exquisite. [...] As the building rises, it becomes more reflective. The idea is always that a building like this in a particular light merges with the sky.") and now we get our first look at it in real life, via Field Condition. The luxury condo tower is up to 17 stories of an eventual 64. None of the facade is installed yet, so we'll have a wait a while longer on that whole merging-with-the-sky thing. Completion is estimated for 2016.

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Helmut Jahn

50 West Street, New York, NY

50 West Street

50 West Street, New York, NY 10280