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Small Village Businesses Threatened; Bergen House 50% Sold

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EAST VILLAGE—Is the end nigh for the East VIllage's Excel Custom Framing and E.V. Cheese Shop on Third Avenue between 9th and 10th streets? A tipster sends word that the two long-time institutions are getting the boot after their landlord reportedly entered into a "handshake deal" with neighboring tenant Duane Reade, who wants to expand its existing location on the corner of Third Avenue and 10th Street. "Both of these small businesses are very important to the community," the tipster writes, "We have a large Walgreens on Astor Place 1 block away." Although the story is a bummer, it's not an unfamiliar one to New York City. [CurbedWire inbox]

CROWN HEIGHTS—Bergen Street's batch of condos with bright red kitchens are now over 50-percent sold. Twenty-two of 954 Bergen Street's 36 apartments have sold since Bergen House's December launch. Remaining apartments include a mix of studios, one-, and two-bedrooms ranging in price from $359,000 to $907,500. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]