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Formerly Hideous Bed-Stuy Rental Is a Monstrosity No More

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Once upon a time, there was a proposed building in Bed-Stuy that looked like a poorly designed spaceship. A true monstrosity, as it were—so bad that the rendering posted on fencing got graffiti-ed with the words "yuppie boxes," and that's not even the best insult.

But then a company called Durukan Design stepped in and saved the neighborhood from its fate of utter architecture ugliness. The firm shared its (thankfully revised) vision for the 70-unit rental currently rising on DeKalb Avenue. Durkan swapped glass and garish color for a brick facade with metal cladding. There are still balconies, just palatable ones, and the building's canopy will be made of wood planks salvaged from Jersey Shore boardwalks after Hurricane Sandy.

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