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78th Street Townhouse Has Original Ask Reduced by $6.3M

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This five-story 1910 townhouse at 22 East 78th Street has changed hands three times since 1995 (selling for $1.138 million that year, for $9.1 million in 1998, and for $8.1 million in 2005) but a fourth sale has not been easy to come by. After a renovation from the current owners modernized—or, whatever happened to that dining room—the interiors, they put the house back on the market in January 2012 for $18.8 million. Now, a couple weeks after the third anniversary of its relisting, the place has been pricechopped for a third time, down to $12.5 million. In that time, it has been handled by four different brokerages—currently, it's a coexclusive between Sloane Square and Sotheby's.

· Listing: 22 East 78th Street [Sloane Square, via Streeteasy]
· Listing: 22 East 78th Street [Sotheby's, via Streeteasy]
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