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The City That Never Sleeps Was Pretty Darn Deserted Last Night

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Although it yielded less than half of what New York City was bracing for, winter tease storm Juno didn't fail to pique the curiosity of New Yorkers. Under the citywide travel ban for all non-essential vehicles and a shuttered public transportation system, streets usually rife with costumed Elmos and the wrath of 1,000 busy walkers were eerily quiet on Monday night. Despite the city's unprecedented precautionary measures—enjoy your snow day, kids—the storm dumped at most ten inches in certain spots, with more central parts of the city getting about 8 inches. The storm of the century it is not, but Juno did turn back some rare views from the street, like a deserted Williamsburg Bridge and a Times Square suitable for snow angel making.

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And of course, getting around was a pain in the you-know-what.

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