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Of Course This Huge Office Tower Will Become 601 Apartments

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Conversions are a thing, sure. Developer Emmes Realty must have serious 70 Pine envy, because yet another Financial District office building—one it bought in 2013—is heading for a residential makeover. According to permits first spotted by YIMBY, the black, glassy 25-story structure at 180 Water Street is slated to become 601 apartments, or about 20 per floor. The Department of Buildings paperwork calls for adding seven stories to the existing building, as well as a lounge, pool and deck. A project this size will likely be rentals. Look on the bright side: there are no tenants to kick out, since the last commercial lessee is decamping to 4 World Trade Center.
· Permits Filed for Conversion of 180 Water Street Into 601-Unit Apartment Building, Financial District [NYY]