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Step Inside the Colorful Williamsburg Pad of a Rug Designer

Because there is nary a pleasure greater than glimpsing the way other people live, Curbed's sister site Racked visited the Williamsburg home of textiles designer Aelfie Oudghiri. Like the rugs and throws of her design that dot the home, Oughiri's apartment is ecstatically colorful. Bedecked in treasures, familial artwork, and travel memorabilia, the home is imbued with a rich, deeply personal vibe. "Basically everything in my house has something to do with my marriage; marriage and family," Oughiri told Racked. The stories behind some of the items are great.

The home's living area, pictured above, is filled with personal treasures. The picture that hangs above the couch was painted by Oughiri's grandmother, "She's like a Jewish mystic. She's a holocaust survivor. A lot of her paintings have to do with god and the afterlife. This painting in particular is about a friend of hers who was supposedly cured of cancer by aliens. So, it's pretty trippy." The black and white carpet as well as the gold rug draped over the couch are of Oughiri's design.

↑ Even Oughiri's daughter's room is decorated to the nines. Hanging on the bedroom's walls are portraits Oughiri drew of "strong, intelligent women" like Joan Didion and Judith Butler, as well as an Uzbeki wedding embroidery. "In Uzbekistan, in order to get married you sort of have to be good at embroidery, so this would be something that a newlywed couple would put on their bed. You can see it has her name and his name, and this is a portrait of her and those are the wedding rings."

↑ Oughiri's bed is covered in bedding carried by her line. Some of the ephemera that can be found around the room: Beavis and Butthead nesting dolls, a ceremonial chair from Yoruba, a painting of a scene from the opening of Oughiri's store done by a friend, and a vintage Moroccan rug, pictured below.

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