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Tower O' Garbage Nearly Complete; Salt Shed Starts Rising

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The Tower O' Garbage aka the Garbage Garage aka the Department of Sanitation's new home for trucks looks like it might actually open soon. The neighbor-hated building was first proposed more than eight years ago, and City Council approved the plans back in November 2008, despite outrage from Hudson Square residents. But lawsuits and complaints from celebrity neighbors were no match for the Department of Sanitation. Field Condition brings photographic proof that it is now a living, breathing building, ready to open its doors to trash-filled trucks.

The garage's accompanying salt shed flew under the radar during all the drama, but last year new renderings reminded everyone that it will actually look kind of cool. It will resemble a giant salt crystal, with a faceted concrete facade. Construction is underway, and it should be finished by the end of the year.

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