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Pierhouse Won't Proceed as Controversial Height Is Examined

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[EDIT: The stop work order has been issued only for 130 Furman Street, the southern portion of the Pierhouse, not for 90 Furman Street, the northern portion, which is the part that the "Save the View Now" campaign objects to. It's a result of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation requesting confirmation from the DOB that the (southern portion of the) building will comply with the protected view plane.]

The Department of Buildings has issued a partial stop work order, halting construction on and above the second floor at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pierhouse, NY YIMBY reports. The condo/hotel building, which recently topped out at 130 feet (technically, the developers contend, it's 100 feet with a 30-foot bulkhead) has been the source of much controversy due to a 2005 agreement that neighbors claim put a 100-foot cap on the project. The "Save the View Now" has been steadily gaining steam, even garnering support from the likes of Lena Dunham, and now the DOB's intervention is the first sign that the it might actually be have to be taken seriously by the city and the developers. "Minor adjustments such as the alteration of bulkheads or parapets are among the type of alterations that may be necessary to bring the structure into full compliance," a Brooklyn Bridge Park official told YIMBY.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201


90 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201