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+Pool's Hip Art Installation; One Apartment Left at 13 Melrose

MIDTOWN—And here we thought the group behind +Pool were just a bunch of really smart people, but lo, they're artists too. +Pool will be holding an art exhibit named, apropos to the art world, "Doing Something Big When No One Asks You To Do Something Big.", at the Ace Hotel. The exhibit that opens on February 5 will feature drawings from +Pool's creators that reflect on the years of research behind the conceptual floating East River water feature. What exactly those will look like, we're not sure. [CurbedWire inbox; official; previously]

BUSHWICK—But one lone condo remains unsold at Boaz Gilad's 8-apartment Bushwick development 13 Melrose. The building launched sales in August and sold more than half of its inventory—for the record, 5 apartments—in its first week. The one remaining apartment is the building's most expensive: a 1,171-square-foot one-bedroom asking $733,000. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]