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Upper East Side Penthouse With Gazebo Needs Spring Already

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A one-bedroom on the Upper East Side is asking $3,450,000, but it's not just any old apartment. First of all, it's a penthouse condo on East 80th Street with city and river views. Second, those views are pretty easy to come by, given that the square footage of Penthouse B's two terraces add up to more than the interior. (One is 75 freakin' feet long! The smaller one is 40 feet long.) So, imagine warmer climes, in which the dining gazebo that seats 12 would be totally clutch. Though there's just one bedroom and 1.5 baths inside, they're spacious ones, because the "owner opened the original three bedroom/two bath floor plan listed at 1721ft." There's also wood-burning fireplaces inside and out, but those do not a winterized home make. Just 50 days till spring...

· Listing: 525 East 80th Street [Citi Habitats via StreetEasy]