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Climb Inside the Rotting, Decrepit New York State Pavilion

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Despite a few small triumphs in the fight to save Philip Johnson's 1964 World's Fair structures in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, their fate remains uncertain. Although it seems like the city has chucked the possibility of razing the structures, with what funds they'll be restored or stabilized, and when, presents a big, fat question mark. To raise awareness of the structures, People for the New York State Pavilion follower Robert Fein has shared a few of his photographs from inside of them with Untapped Cities.

Although it just looks like a bunch of rusty metal now, this was an entrance to an elevator.

The stairs have rotted out.

It seems like no one's taken The Cats up on his monied offer to scheme a new future for the structures—at least not yet. For more views, head on over to Untapped Cities.
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