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Garage-Replacing Leonard Street Condos Will Look Like This

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Plans for a BKSK-designed condo building at 24 Leonard Street were filed in August 2013, and we finally have the first rendering of the new building, thanks to Tribeca Citizen, who calls the building "a respectable addition to the neighborhood." The existing parking garage is mostly being demolished (permits call it "selective demolition" and say the plan is to "convert and enlarge" the building), and a nine-story building with seven full-floor units will replace it. The building's current footprint will stay the same up to the fifth floor, 100 feet by 100 feet, and the higher floors will be set back so they are only 50 feet deep.

Developer Charles Dunne told TC that the building will have "very large window" and a limestone facade, and they are keeping a commercial parking tenant with an automated system in the basement. The existing garage will be shutting down soon, but Dunne did not give a timeline for the building's completion.
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