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Mary-Louise Parker's Former Apartment Is Back for $9 Million

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Actress Mary-Louise Parker had a frustratingly difficult time selling her Washington Square Park-bordering duplex, but when a couple finally bought the place for $7.45 million in May of 2013, the broker said the sale was "like a fairy tale, with both the buyers and the seller just delighted by the outcome." Apparently it was not one of those fairy tales that ends with "happily ever after," however, as the 10-room apartment has now found its way back onto the market asking $9 million. In the Times writeup of the sale, the buyers, a CEO of an online advertising company and a clinical psychiatrist, were described as being "homesick for the West Village after selling their penthouse there last year to follow the stampede of Manhattanites to Brooklyn." But the grass is always greener, as they say, and though we can only speculate, it's easy enough to imagine that the homesickness wore off pretty quickly once they realized they were essentially living in the middle of the NYU campus. Back to Brooklyn?

This re-listing also gives us a chance to see the minor renovation that Parker did in order to unload the apartment, which looks like it mostly took place in the kitchen. And, of course, the puppet castle is no more.

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32 Washington Square West

32 Washington Square West, New York, NY 10011