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Pricey Condos Replace 150-Year-Old House That Crumbled

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Location: 241 Carroll Street
Architect: Bricolage Architecture & Design
Size: Four apartments, four stories
Prices: $2.2 million to $3.5 million
Sales & Marketing: Nestseekers

The beleaguered Carroll Gardens site of a 2012 brownstone collapse has been reborn as—surprise—another brownstone with four very expensive condos. The new building, next to the neighborhood's public school and across from Carroll Park, appears to be a somewhat mindful reconstruction of the lost structure, but with updated interiors and rear balconies. Of the apartments, officially listed with Nestseekers this week, one is already off the market. The remaining apartments include a 2,450-square-foot 2BR/2BA duplex with backyard access asking $3.5 million, a 1,141-square-foot 2BR/2BA asking $2.2 million, and a 1,520-square-foot 3BR/2BA duplex with roof access asking $3 million. Wasn't it not that long ago that you could score a whole townhouse in the neighborhood for that much?

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