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Call for Submissions: See Your Home Featured on Curbed!

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All photos by Max Touhey.

Curbed recently launched House Calls, a new series of home tours devoted to the way everyday New Yorkers live behind their deadbolt-ed doors. Effective immediately, we're looking for volunteers with offbeat, pretty, eclectic, or just refreshingly cozy dwellings to invite us in for a visit and a photo shoot. Perhaps you live in a minuscule studio that's under 400 square feet, or an antiques-stuffed, sprawling prewar that overlooks Central Park. Do you shack up with four other folks in the artsy, party-rific haven that is McKibbin Lofts, or is an outer-borough Tudor where you lay your head? If it's a regular old apartment filled with mementoes that have stories behind 'em, that's just dandy, too. Whatever it is you call home, we want to see it—and share it.

If you would like to be considered for a story, send us an email (put "House Calls" in the subject line, please) with a couple of photos of your place. Tell us something about it: where it is; how many people live there; and a few words about your style and your stuff. Also feel free to nominate your shy friends! (With their permission, of course.) Sorry brokers and landlords, we are only looking to feature homes and apartments that are neither for sale or rent. Let's do this.
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