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Fly New York's Scenic "Skyline Route" in Video Shot by Pilot

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Everybody loves a good aerial tour of New York City, and this video by pilot Leon Zavos flying the so-called "Skyline Route" and spotted by Gothamist is no exception. Starting off in Farmingdale, the little two-seater heads west over the harbor, up the Hudson, across Central Park, and back down the East River. It's all very Snake Plissken landing the Gullfire on the World Trade Center in Escape from New York.

However, like most videos of stuff flying around the city, the music sucks. In keeping with the Escape from New York theme, might we suggest turning the volume down and replacing it with John Carpenter's iconic soundtrack? In our experience, that will make anything sound cooler.
· NYC Skyline Formation Flight [Vimeo via Gothamist]