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Stalled Cobble Hill Site May Be Cursed By Its Past Proprietor

There's no un-stop work order in sight for a stalled building on the Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill border. Pardon Me For Asking swung by the awkward-looking white structure nicknamed the "styrofoam house" at 337 Degraw Street to find that the four-story, four-apartment building was not only hit by a full stop work order in February 2014, but the Borough Commissioner has revoked the application due to a little something called "contractor withdrawal." The funny looking thing gets its appearance from insulating concrete forms, which aren't often used in New York City. Before its current iteration, the lot was home to a one-story garage. Prior to that, it was home to John Dwyer, a man described by the New York Times (PDF!) in the 1880's as "a rough well known to police" who once murdered someone with a billiard cue in a nearby bar. Well that explains it all—the lot is definitely cursed.
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