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Here's a Great Way to Store Books If You Hate Reading

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Apartment Therapy recently toured a couple's 400-square-foot studio in Carroll Gardens. It's a very nice apartment, with tasteful furnishings, great natural light, and a fireplace filled with books with their spines facing the wrong way. Who does this?

The apartment's owners, Jessica and Milo, explain themselves by saying that the fireplace is "non-functioning, so we use it as a bookcase. Arranging the books with the spine in really gave it a more cohesive look." Right. Very cohesive, in that you can't tell the books apart. If either Jessica or Milo ever wanted, hypothetically, to read one of the books they own, they would have to just guess which one it was, pull it out, and then the rest of the books would fall onto the floor because this isn't how bookcases work. Also, it doesn't even look cool. These guys should hang a painting in the fireplace and donate their books to a public library.
· Jessica & Milos' 400 Square Foot Studio (Filled with Interesting Stuff!) [Apartment Therapy]