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Could Recreational Rail Car Riding Be the Bronx's High Line?

The South Bronx waterfront is experiencing something of a rebirth, and a group of train enthusiasts and Bronx residents are hoping that part of that rebirth can include a repurposing of the little-used or abandoned railroad tracks that run through the area for recreational use. Leading the charge is Justin Fornal, better known as Baron Ambrosia, who, along with his father, fixed up an old rail car they bought for $3,500, rechristened it the "Bronxstack Continental," and got permission from the company that leases the Harlem River Yard to take it out for a test run, which was attended by the New York Times.

As of now, the idea of other people doing the same thing is little more than a concept, but some think that repurposing the tracks could act as a tourist draw and transform the area, similar to how the High Line transformed West Chelsea. "This is a beautiful example of what could happen here" Welcome2TheBronx's Ed Garcia Conde told the Times. "Just imagine this green instead of concrete."
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