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16 Striking Photos of New York City in the 1960s

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James Jowers wasn't a born photographer. While in the army, he learned the ins and outs of a darkroom. Then, when he enrolled at the New School in the mid-60s, his interest and acumen in the field peaked. Jowers lived on the Lower East Side, worked as a night porter at a hospital, and took his camera out onto the street whenever he had the chance. The George Eastman House in Rochester has his collection of 400 prints, and 50 of them are loaded onto one glorious Flickr page. The Washington Square Post blog rediscovered Jowers' snaps of the Village; the rest of his work ranges from the East Village to the Financial District to Midtown. Enjoy.

· Washington Square Park Circa 1968 by James Jowers [WSPB]
· George Eastman House: James Jowers [Flickr]
· George Eastman House: International Museum of Photography and Film [official]