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Brooklyn Residents Rally to Save View, Perhaps Too Late

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The Brooklyn Bridge Park-adjacent Pierhouse (aka the new "Worst Building" in New York City) was supposed to rise to only 100 feet per a 2005 agreement with the Brooklyn Heights Association, but as of right now it stands at 130 and will eventually stop at 144 [edit: the building has topped out at 130 feet, according to a rep for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation] if Brooklyn Heights resident Steven Guterman's "Save the View Now" campaign doesn't manage to halt its progress.

Guterman has drummed up an impressive amount of support—his online petition, which he started on December 22, already has 1,500 signatures, and a meeting on Saturday drew roughly 70 Brooklyn residents. However, considering that the agreed upon height has already been exceeded, it does not seem particularly likely that he will be able to get the city to force developers Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, the Empire State Development Corp. and Toll Brothers to remove part of the highly profitable hotel/condo building they have already constructed, especially considering that many of the condos have already sold. He is doing a remarkably good job of exposing those developers' duplicitousness and greed, though, so props for that.
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