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How One Family Fits In 675 Square Feet In Windsor Terrace

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For a New York City apartment, 675 square feet is in no way small, but for a growing family, it could be an uncomfortably tight space. So David Friedlander, the communications director of LifeEdited, and Jacqueline Schmidt, a designer, applied LifeEdited's small space living philosophy to their not-so-small apartment, completely transforming the Windsor Terrace unit into a home that easily accommodates them, their two-year-old, and their coming baby. The key, as with all micro units, is double-duty furniture (hello, Murphy beds), combined with double-duty spaces; the master bedroom can become part of the main living space thanks to a sliding wall.

Schmidt told Dwell that the apartment was "a dump" when they bought it, with warped floors and dropped ceilings. They completely gutted the apartment, leaving only the windows and front door where they were. Everything else changed. The kitchen became a galley space, with marble counters and backsplash, and the bathroom received all new fixtures and a new window.

LifeEdited was started by Graham Hill, who is something of a microdwelling celebrity in the design world, thanks to the foldable studio he built on Sullivan Street. In keeping with the LifeEdited mentality, Friedlander and Schmidt sold off all of their belongings in order to "fit [themselves] into the space."

Click through to Dwell for more photos and details.
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