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Prices Up in Brownstone Brooklyn; Astoria Is So Cool

BROWNSTONE AND NORTH BROOKLYN—According to a report from Ideal Properties Group, prices in Brownstone and North Brooklyn are up 32 percent from last year, and 7.5 percent since last quarter. "With supply continuing to diminish while demand increases, we expect the momentum from this year to continue in 2015," said Ideal Managing Director Aleksandra Scepanovic. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

ASTORIA—The blogger behind Astoria Ugly received the above postcard, from a local broker, in his or her mailbox. Perhaps those two buildings are not the strongest example of how "cool" Astoria is. Also, it's not clear what "Manhattan buyers think we are 'Oh-so-cool'" is supposed to mean. Why did they buy in Manhattan then? [Astoria Ugly]