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Nicole Kidman's Downstairs Neighbor Sues Over Burst Pipe

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[EDIT: This post has been updated to reflect that it is Steinberg's insurance company, not Steinberg himself, that is suing Kidman. Steinberg claims that the suit was filed without his knowledge.]

Celebrities are just like us, insofar as they are not immune to hiring incompetent contractors and then getting sued by superbroker Leonard Steinberg's insurance company.

Steinberg's insurance company, Nationwide Property & Casualty, is suing his upstairs neighbor, actress Nicole Kidman, over copper piping that Kidman had installed that froze and burst, flooding his unit. According to the suit, which seeks to recoup $46,928.83 in damages, Kidman had a contractor install the piping to bring water to her terraces in her tenth-floor Sky Garage unit, but the contractor failed to insulate the pipes and Kidman (or her husband, country music singer Keith Urban—this seems like more of a Keith job) didn't drain the water before winter, causing a pipe to burst in January 2012.

Kidman and Urban bought the duplex apartment in the Annabelle Selldorf-designed Sky Garage (probably with Steinberg as the broker, as he handled the initial sales for the building when he was with Elliman) in 2010, paying $10 million. It had been listed for $12.5 million. According to the Daily News, they live primarily in Nashville, Tennessee.

That contractor is getting one hell of a bad Yelp review.
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