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Bike Share for Jersey City; More Details on 'Whispering' Loft

MIDTOWN SOUTH—Some more details on the whispering Midtown South loft from Monday: the owner, Lois Ingram, tells the Journal that it was "really grody" when she found it in 2001 and purchased it for around $1 million. The renovation cost an additional $400,000 and took eight to nine months. Ingram says she painted the floors black so that they "would look like a pool of water" at night, and that she can host 100 people at once. [WSJ; previously]

JERSEY CITY—As rumored, Jersey City has decided to hire Alta Bicycle Share, the company that operates and keeps losing money on Citi Bikes, to run its bike share program. The plan will start with 35 stations and 350 bikes, and the program will be reciprocal with Citi Bike, so users will be able to access both bike shares. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]