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17 Leonard Owner Ends War With Neighbor by Selling Building

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Christopher Rolf, the owner of the decrepit little building at 17 Leonard Street, has extracted himself from a heated battle with his developer neighbor by selling the property, 6sqft reports. Rolf had previously accused 15 Leonard Street owner Steven Schnall of causing his then-157-year-old structure to crack by constructing a seven-story condo building next door, while Schnall maintained that the building was already cracked before construction started. In the end, no harm done: at the time, Rolf had been trying to sell his building for $15.75 million and though he had to chop the price down some, he still ended up getting $11.165 million from an entity known only as "17 Leonard Properties, LLC." That company surely has development plans for the site (which will have to go through the Landmarks Commission), which means that once Schnall's building is done, its new residents will get to enjoy the soothing sounds of next-door construction for years to come. Probably not the least satisfying result for Rolf.
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