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The 3,200 Manhattan Doorways One Man Photographed in 1976

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People can't get enough of engrossing street photography and vintage images of a grittier New York City. Perhaps for that reason, but mostly in the name of making fascinating information and images publicly available to all, New York Public Library photography specialist David Lowe has mapped out the body of work of one Roy Colmer. Over the course of just one year—1975-76—Colmer photographed a total of 3,200 doorways across Manhattan. First spotted by Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, the map contains a point everywhere Colmer captured an entranceway, from Harlem to the Upper East and West Sides to Midtown, and countless clusters south of 14th Street. Click on a point, and a thumbnail pops up, along with a short description. You have the option to click to make the photo larger, or there's a link to see the block as it stands today via Google Street View. Colmer, sadly, passed away in 2014; JVNY wrote of his work that it's "a sweeping collection that gives you the real sense of walking through the city on an average day, at a brisk pace, just trying to get somewhere. The doors are not special, not set up to be admired, in some ways barely noticed. They just are."

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