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"This is an absolutely incredible place, but I too believe it is massively overpriced. For a comparable unit, look no further than Jon Bon Jovi's still unsold SoHo penthouse on Mercer Street. Bon Jovi's place is asking a mere $37.5 million down from an original $42 million. It is a 7,452 square feet duplex with large outdoor terrace and has been trying to sell since March of 2013. If Bon Jovi's place, which I think has much better views than this Puck Penthouse I, is struggling to get $37.5 million after all this time, why does Jared Kushner think someone will pay $66 million for Puck Penthouse I. Get ready for the Price Chopper!"—Views4Days [Puck's $66M Penthouse Officially Vies for Downtown Record]