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See 5Pointz Go From Graffiti Mecca to Rubble in One Minute

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Because what's the start of the new year without a visual sucker punch to the gut, Animal NY captured some six months of demolition over at graffiti-covered mecca 5 Pointz. The city has sadly followed the devolution of this local icon from street-art haven to white-washed warehouse to a pile of rubble, and Animal's video makes it all too real.

Court Square Blog visited the demolition site over the holidays, and discovered the only thing that's left are some window-less walls along Jackson Avenue.

Eventually, these soulless towers will rise on the site. And the planned dedicated graffiti walls might take the tiniest smidge of the edge off, but... nah.

For every old thing that comes down, some new expensive thing must rise in its place. A side effect of Animal's video is that it also tracks the rise of the boxy ODA condo building at 22-22 Jackson Avenue. That's slated for completion in 2016.
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22-22 Jackson Avenue

22-22 Jackson Avenue, Queens, NY 11101


22-44 Jackson Avenue, Queens NY