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Upper East Side's Versailles Now Costs Just $80,000/Month

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It's too bad Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's $75 million offer to buy this lavish 22-room triplex—along with the four other apartments in the Fifth Avenue building—didn't pan out last year. Now the owner, heiress Angelika Ivanc, has a massive piece o' real estate on her hands. So she tried to rent out the Berwind Mansion unit and all its ornate ceilings for $150,000 a month in early October. That did not pan out, and now the triplex is back on the market asking a mere $80,000. That's a 46.6 percent drop, just a few percent shy of the RentChopper Hall of Fame. Ivanc is spending time with her kids in Europe, apparently, but why get closer to the real Versailles when you have an aspirational imitator waiting back home in New York City?

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828 Fifth Avenue

828 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY