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You Can Now Rent the Novogratz Hoops House for $70K

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The Novogratz-designed townhouse with a herringbone-floored basketball court at 400 West Street has been on and off the market since November of 2009, starting out at $25 million, and then going down to $17.45 million, and eventually back up to $22 million, and hitting a lot of prices in between. The point is, nobody seems to want to buy it. But would anyone like to rent it? That remains to be seen, as the six-story house (which, according to the brokerbabble, has "raised the bar on the standard of unpretentious luxury") has been listed for $70,000/month. It seems that the Novogratzi are more than ready to see some kind of return on this property, for which they paid $4.3 million in 2007, plus whatever the renovation cost (and covering a whole townhouse in zebra wood flooring isn't cheap).

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400 West Street

400 West Street, New York, NY