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Big Reveal: $1.09 Million for a Windsor Terrace 2BR

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Plenty of our commenters got close to guessing the correct price for this week's apartment, a two-bedroom in Windsor Terrace with lots of outdoor space. That price: $1.09 million, with the common charges and monthly taxes clocking in it $313 and $143, respectively. (NewYorkWitty, you were wrong with the comment, "Windsor Terrace isn't quite getting the $1M price tag for condos yet.") And of course, some of you have complaints about the space: "not that special," according to modmother; "the baseboard heating and the through wall AC is a joke," said Manhattan4Eva; and Countess Luann weighed in with "How much outdoor space does one need, especially when it is unuseable half of the year?" (And for those who were guessing which floor it's on: third floor.)

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