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15 Central Park West Penthouse Cuts Absurd Ask By $5M

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Back in July, when penthouse 18/19B at 15 Central Park West went on the market for a whopping $65 million, we questioned whether or not the massive apartment would actually sell at that price (which we called "inexplicable"). Turns out, that skepticism was well-founded: the apartment's price was recently chopped by $5.5 million (nearly nine percent), making it now $59.5 million. The price is still absurd—it's still going for more than $10,000 per square foot—but it's now ever-so-slightly less absurd. This also means that the apartment has now been bumped down the list of the most expensive homes for sale in NYC right now (though not by much). It's yet another setback for the beleaguered 15 CPW, which has seen several price cuts and relists in recent years—but maybe this is the price that'll stick for this one. (We remain skeptical.)

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023