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Classic Soho Loft Up For Grabs With Contemporary Soho Ask

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Soho, with its multi-million dollar apartments, is no longer the artists enclave it once was, but brokers love recalling the neighborhood's past to—what else?—sell expensive apartments. Case in point, this lovely Soho loft in a former Fredrick's Art Supply factory on Sullivan Street between Houston and Prince. As per its listing, Fredrick's art supplies "were the materials most artists used to hone their craft—a harbinger of the community to populate Soho in the 60's and 70's." Well those days are long gone; this listing doesn't bat an eye asking $1.91 million for what is essentially a glorified studio. The apartment last sold at the end of January to photographer Sasa Mahr-Batuz—for $1.6 million. Like the neighborhood, this loft may clean up.

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