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City Launches a One-Stop Website For Neighborhood Alerts

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The city's rolling out a new online tool that's so practical, it seems like it must exist already. The beta version of is now live, linking New Yorkers to a portal where they can get all the updates they might need for their neighborhood on one handy site. The site reflects real time updates to transit, construction, and traffic alerts, 311 service requests, emergency notifications, event permits, and other data. The data is also displayed on a neighborhood map that can be used to look up things like restaurant grades, greenmarkets, and parks. After the 90-day beta period, individual sites will be rolled out for each neighborhood. Expect to see and in the future.

The site was designed through a partnership between the city and 2014 BigApps winner Vizalytics. During the beta launch, local development corporations and neighborhood groups can apply to license and run the domains for their neighborhood. As per an announcement from the city, "Qualified organizations can become administrators of their community's site, and customize the template with additional content and tools, allowing the neighborhood sites to reflect the needs and interests of the community." The sites will also serve local businesses by allowing them to embed parts of their neighborhood sites onto their own websites.
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