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Larry Gagosian Sells Gorgeous UES Carriage House For $18M

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Art world head honcho Larry Gagosian has quietly offloaded his lovely converted carriage house at 147 East 69th Street. The Observer reports that the turn-of-the-century carriage house sold for $18 million to Sascha Bauer, board chairman of SculptureCenter, in an off-market deal. Because of the hush-hush nature of the sale, there are no interior shots, but trust that Gagosian's erstwhile private home was lined with some seriously impressive art, including works by Cy Twombly, Edward Ruscha, Andy Warhol, and Picasso to boot.

Gagosian acquired the Harkness Mansion at 4 East 75th Street, New York's former most expensive megamansion that has since been bested by, oh, just about everything, for $36.5 million from investor J. Christopher Flowers. Flowers paid $53 million for the stately digs, which at the time set a New York City record.

Since Gagosian purchased the megamansion, he's been carrying on (and on, and on, and on) with a pricey Annabelle Selldorf overhaul that has seen trees delivered to the rooftop by crane, an ill-fated fall that cost a construction worker their life, and the the installation of a trough to collect the drool from all of the reporters who so anxiously want to get inside, but are turned down time and time again.
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4 East 75th Street

4 East 75th Street, New York, NY