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$1,300/Month Brooklyn Rental Measures Just 220 Square Feet

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There are a lot of notable things about this Crown Heights rental listing, located on Dean Street between Nostrand and New York avenues: 1) The rent is only $1,300 per month. 2) The brokerbabble is surprisingly honest. The place measures just 220 square feet, and the listing accurately says the place is "very small," and perhaps not so accurately says it's "cozy." 3) Unlike many tiny apartments, this place has a full kitchen, a private bathroom, and a bedroom. No SRO-living here! 4) Most of the listing photos are extreme close-ups, likely as a distraction tactic. "Look how great this sink is! See how shiny the kitchen cabinet hardware is! Nevermind that you can't open the refrigerator all the way!" 5) It has a decorative fireplace. 6) The broker fee is a whopping 15 percent, or $2,340.

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