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Upper East Side 'Versailles In Manhattan' Cuts Ask to $24M

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It's ba-aaaack! The opulent Upper East Side townhouse owned by commercial broker Kenneth D. Laub has returned to the market for a whopping seventh time with a new brokerage (this time, it's Elliman), along with a price cut: it's now down to $23.9 million, more than $10 million less than its original asking price. (It was most recently listed by Compass in July.) You'll recall that the home, dubbed "Versailles in Manhattan," was first listed all the way back in 2008 for $35 million. Laub, of course, famously (infamously?) once said that he wouldn't cut the price, saying, "If someone feels that the house is worth what I think it is worth, then they'll buy it. And if not, then they won't. And it's not the end of the world one way or another." Either his views have changed since then—the house has steadily decreased in price with each new brokerage firm it passes on to—or he's finally accepted that perhaps $35 million is an awful lot to ask for a townhouse. And you know what they say: seventh time's a charm!

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