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The New York State Pavilion Has a New, Spiffy Look

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Ahead of one of the best weekend's in New York year-round, Open House New York weekend, one of the city-wide tour's most notable stops is sporting a new look. The New York State Pavilion's Tent of Tomorrow has gotten an "American Cheese yellow" paint job, the Daily News reports. Although the paint may look unusual compared to the rust brown drab look the 1964 World's Fair structure had been sporting in decades past, the paint job is historically accurate (as some may remember.) Officials said it took more than 8,000 hours and 1,600 gallons of paint to return the Philip Johnson-designed structure to its original coloring.

The $3 million paint job is part of a larger effort to rehabilitate the aging World's Fair structures. To date, Queens borough president Melinda Katz has helped to secure about $8 million in funding for the rehabilitation of the structures.
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