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Time-Travel Through Nolita Via This Condo Teaser Site

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Would knowing what a building looked like 100 years ago entice you to actually buy there? That's what we're wondering after seeing the teaser site for the Residences at Prince, the condo conversion of the former St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School at Prince and Mott Streets. Playing up the landmark building's long history in the neighborhood, the renderings—created by MARCH—not only let you see what the 19th-century building might look like when the luxury condos are finally finished in 2016, but also what it looked like in 1900, 1940, 1980. You'll notice the changes that have been made to the building over the years, as well as the changes in fashion and automobile design. Though sales haven't begun for the seven condos that will be located there just yet, they're expecting to be rather pricey: starting with a 2,743-square-foot three-bedroom condo asking $7.74 million.

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