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Eclectic UWS Townhouse 'Has to Be Seen to Be Believed'

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The brokerbabble for the mansion at 3 Riverside Drive, new to the market for $27 million, says that "the stunning details and scope of this riverfront home have to be seen to be believed." And while that's certainly true—the ornate 19th-century house is one of architect C.P.H. Gilbert's NYC mansions—the interiors of the place are definitely a little quirky. The house was originally built in 1898 for Philip and Marie Kleeberg, prominent socialites who would occupy the five-floor structure for only a few years before Maria ended her life there by drinking carbolic acid. (Yikes.) In its current iteration, the home still has many of the original details: the limestone exterior, a marble staircase (actually, there's marble everywhere), and decorative cherubs and gargoyles on the top of the structure. Some of the rooms, however, have gotten more modern upgrades—seriously, what's with the blue kitchen?

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