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Artsy East Williamsburg Warehouse With Roof Deck Asks $3M

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Typically, when you hear about someone living in a warehouse in East Williamsburg, you might expect squatters enduring grotty conditions and vermin infestations—but hey, the rent is cheap! But not so with this home on Powers Street: It's a 3,600-square-foot converted warehouse with additional space for a roof deck, if you so choose. (According to the brokerbabble, it has "an authenticity that is difficult to find," which, come on.) In its current form, it has tons of open space, several bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, and a loft that could be used for storage or sleeping, depending on how you're feeling. And while the current owners have decorated it in a sort of "look at how hip and artistic we are" style, there's no reason you'd need to keep it that way—though the faux-doorway leading to the loft is pretty cool. The asking price: $2.95 million. (h/t 6sqft)

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