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Essex Crossing's 150,000-Sq-Ft Market Unveils Plans

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As the Essex Crossing megaproject grows on the Lower East Side, more details have been revealed about the amenities coming to the neighborhood-transforming development: a Regal Cinema, a new Essex Street Market, a bowling alley, a medical center, parks, roof gardens, and a variety of housing. But what about something that brings them together? Enter the Market Line, a bi-level market in the tradition of Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market and Seattle's Pike Place Market, which will connect three of the sites along Broome Street, the Lo-Down reports.

Plans for the market have it starting at the new Essex Street Market at the corner of Essex and Broome streets. The first floor will be underground and uninterrupted while the second floor will be above ground with interruptions for Norfolk and Suffolk Streets.

The space will cover 150,000 square feet, make it one of the five biggest markets in the nation (though not quite as large as Anthony Bourdain's massive Pier 57 market). The two-level promenade will have 40-foot-tall glass walls, and at its western end (the Essex Street Market), there will be a 60-foot-high ceiling. A 9,000-square-foot garden space would float over the market, which is envisioned as more than just a food hall, though a 3,000-square-foot beer hall is planned as part of it and the first phase will focus on food. The developers are courting clothing boutiques, artisans, galleries, and service providers like watch repair and beauty shops.

Site 2, located at 80 Essex Street/115 Delancey Street, is slated for completion in 2018 with sites 3 and 4 breaking ground the previous year.
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