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Move to Brooklyn, Live With 18 Roommates for $2,000/Month

We all know that living in a big city is expensive, and New York City is among the biggest and most expensive there is. If you want to move there, you have to accept pretty quick that you're not going to be able to afford one of the nicer neighborhoods, and you're going to have to live with roommates, and you're still going to end up paying more than you had ever dreamed of paying for an apartment.

And yet—none of that explains the fact that people are, apparently, lining up around the block to live with 18 roommates in the semi-desirable neighborhood of Crown Heights for $1,800-$1,950/month. According to the company that is behind this hellish scenario, they have already received over 300 applications, a claim that we are going to take with a grain of salt. Or 18 grains of salt.

Pictures from inside the...whatever it is >>